My Top 7 ' Songs to Listen while you´re in a Life Changing Process

When I am really happy, worried or stressed there is one thing that 100% calm me... MUSIC.
There are songs for each period of life and state of mind. I´ll cherish with you my Top 7 songs to listen while you´re in a life changing process.
Maybe it works just for me, but who knows...

1. Bon jovi - It's my life
A very, very very old song that at every listening is fulling me with enthusiasm, optimism and happiness.

2.Leon Jackson - When you believe
 Actually it's not his song, but his voice makes it perfect. The lyrics helped me to achieve some of my dreams and to follow another ones.

3.Scorpions - Wind of change
 I guess we can already call it CLASSIC and Never Dieing melody.

4.Craig David - Rise and fall
 The title is revealing everything...

5.Fall out Boys - Start Today
 This is an inspirational song about putting something off, then convincing yourself to start today. The meaning ofwhat is getting put off is left to the listener.

6.Leona Lewis - Happy

7.Mika- Any Other World  
In promotional materials for Life in Cartoon Motion, Mika said of this song: "There is a little spoken introduction that many people may miss. It's about a family friend of mine who lost her eye during the war in Lebanon and I realized in everyone's life their comes one point, or several points where something happens and you have to completely change the way you have lived your life because of one event. And it really makes you readjust and rethink and rejudge parts of your life all over again. That happens to some people in a dramatic way like Rafa who lost both her eye and her husband within6 months. Or it can be in a much quieter way like when you are 22-years-old and you finally leave university after being in education all your life or when you lose your job. I wanted to put that in the song, because when you're 68 or 14, it's 
still the same feeling and it's still just as hard. I wanted to try to capture that quite difficult period that people have to go through at least once in their life." (thanks, E.J - Townsville, Australia)