The secrets of Las Fallas – Fiestas de Valencia

This is my first year in Valencia, or better said my first 6 months and i´m discovering this wonderful city step by step. 
The celebrations are over, and just in the last days I found out how incredible they are/were.
Las Fallas, are a Valencian traditional celebration in praise of Saint Joseph in Valencia, Spain, and also of the beginning of the spring. The preparation takes a long time mostly because of the dolls, or how they call them ¨ninots¨, that are placed in different parts of the city and neighborhoods.

From 14 to 19 of March, every day, early in the morning this city is waking up because of music or I would call it noise at 8 a.m Brass bands appear and begin to march down every road playing lively music. Close behind them are the
 fallers throwing large firecrackers in the street as they go. (well the firecrackers are non stop this weeks and it’s annoooooing)
Also at 2 p.m each day there is Mascleta, an explosive display of the concussive effects of co-ordinated firecracker and fireworks barrages. Well, in two words it is like WAR… ))) yes it is… the first time I saw it I was really scared. Thousands of people are coming in the center of the city just to see it for 7 minutes(the Mascleta time).
The most amazing part is the offering of flowers to the virgin. A construction of flowers that the women are bringing is made every year, and you can stay there and watch it as long as you can, and believe me, you would stay there pretty long, cause’ such a wonderful thing made of flowers you can not see anywere.
And the last is LA Crema, which means “the burning”, the dolls I told you above are getting burnt, and the truth is that I don’t know why, but I suppose it is because of the message they bring, or maybe not. I forgot to say that these dolls are caricatures of the world we live, and they are soooo funny.
I enjoyed this time… 2 days of walking… but now, now I can’t move my body…  I am so tired!