5 Minutes

   Looking today through the Facebook page I was wondering, where ARE ALL OF THE DECENT PHOTOS, I mean something else than just BIKINI ... HATS... and OCEANS or SEA)))) Of course I am joking, It is obvious that summer is just for this... so everything is Okay, I´m just a little bit jealous :P

   Even if I sleep some 5-6 hours a day, I just found 5 min to make a photo, while drinking a cup of coffee with my boyfriend (those moments are so rare this summer, but that´s why they are so special for me). And in the evening we spent together 2 hours at the seaside ... it was perfect. A hard, but a perfect perfect day!

P.S : Enjoy your hats and bikinis... there are 25 days left :P

 P.P.S : Yes, we have the same sunglasses...   :P  Mine were very cheap that´s why I bought them. Don´t know how in your Country, but here everyone is crazy about this aviators... ))


  1. Oh, how I hate all those people in bikinis lol just joking :) but it´s true that I´d love to spend at least one day at the beach this summer...wishful thinking!
    Btw, you look too cute together :)

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

  2. Just found your blog, what a cute post and yea, there are tons of bikini pics on FB. hehe.. You and your bf are really cute together and I love aviator glasses too. I have a couple pairs.

    Nice post, following you now
    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco


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