it's not an easy road

 As days pass by, the things are getting more and more complicated. I enjoy (I really do) waking up every morning at 7 a.m and go to sleep at midnight :)
  At UNI... everything started so good and easy, but, it was just the first thought, 'cause studying is never easy. My biggest problem is with the "LAW" classes ... brrr.... i mean it isn't so hard, but I guess our teacher just doesn't know the right way to expose the information for some young and stupid students :)
   I spent all the evening in the library searching for additional "law" material to complete the "half of the words I succeeded to write in the class". These are actually my ALL evenings ... yes, I am a very hard working student. I just can't understand why we aren't studying some other things, which are more correlated with TOURISM?? Well, never mind... I hope the things will get better ... actually the next week we have something very interesting planned!!!

  My quote for today:

Do the hard jobs first. The easy jobs will take care of themselves.



I wish you all a nice and relaxing weekend !!!!