The last day of FALLAS

The hardest week from this semester! Every day full of different events, new experience every day.... I will try to post some photos in the next post.

This one is about FALLAS! The last day is the saddest day for the most of the valencians! We invited a friend of ours from Finestrat (Alicante) to join us in our WALK TOUR. I guess we made some "20" km that evening)) But it was worth it. 
 This is my favorite "piece" of the FALLA (the monument) that won the Special prize this year. The whole Falla cost some 400.000 euros!!!
(And at the midnight they burnt it :D )

 This is another FALLA that I liked a lot! The most serious one, I guess!
 This is the reality!! :) Nice one!!
 La Ofrenda - is the most spectacular part from the whole celebration. During 2 days the participants,"los falleros", are bringing flowers to the "Virgen de los Desamparados". The last year there were 102.951 participants. As you can see(or you can not, as the quality of the pictures is bad), the cloth of the Virgin is made of flowers: red, white and pink. This is just spectacular!

 I was impressed by this one too!

The quality of a PHONE! Sorry, I forgot the SD at home!! :(


  1. Just sending you some greets and kisses! Keep going in this hard week, girl! (Awesome photos.)


  2. great photos, interesting writing!!!!


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