Oct 23, 2012

Firmoo eyeglasses. Review

On 25th of September a man called Antonio made me a proposal I couldn´t refuse: to try for free a new pair of glasses/sunglasses and to write later a review on them.  So on 15th of October I already was wearing them. Here is my honest (really honest opinion on them).
It will be a LONG text but be patient, please, as there are a lot of aspects I would like to comment.

1.       The most important nowadays: THE PRICE
Entering the website, http://www.firmoo.com/ I remained shocked: the prices are outrageously low. Of course there are pairs of glasses/sunglasses that are more expensive, but in general each of them is accessible (comparing to the prices from nowadays).
Here comes a short personal story: I was searching for a new pair(s) of glasses since MAY. I liked a lot of models, but each of them were so EXPENSIVE that I just couldn´t take that luxury and spend 150€ on them. And here, surprise, the pair I liked the most is just 8$. I was searching through the web smth more expensive (of course) but No – 8$ - THE BEST
-So the Price –APPROVED!

2. The second important point: THE DESIGN
Likes: There are different kinds of designs, so fashionable and available in different colors. The design of my glasses is just really perfect for what I was searching! I actually was in love with a Carolina Herrera pair (for 140€) but this one is even better, hihi.
Dislikes: I wanted them to be a LITTLE smaller, to fit me better. Even if I like this pair a lot, I guess the Firmoo need to have MORE variety.
            -Design – APPROVED!

3.       THE QUALITY
To tell you the truth I am not very practical from this point of view. So the quality is usually the last to analyze. So… after 10 days of wearing the glasses  (everyday-everywhere) I can say: perfect. The gasses are so easy that there are moments when you forget that you are wearing them.I am not an expert, but deducting from what I need and from what I felt – the quality is APPROVED! (Let´s see from now on)

4.       THE LENSES
For me it was the biggest worry. I needed desperately a new pair of glasses! I was so worried that the lenses will be bad, or the crystals will make my eyes tired etc. But no, I can perfectly see, the mount  is very good and I just enjoy wearing them , for all the reasons I exposed above.

5.       SHIPPING
Very fast. In a week I already had them. I guess everyone can make his own conclusions at this point.

6.       WEB PAGE
Easy to access, and very interactive to search through it. The best facility: the TRY-ON System. Actually I didn´t use it because I was sure about the pair I wanted. But for those who cannot decide, you can upload your photo and try on the glasses/sunglasses.
7.       Some extra details to comment
·         I liked that the Form to fill was very simple and without hundreds of unuseful and boring questions. You have to fill up just the important info and that is all.
·         I didn´t like the case: it is TOO FORMAL for me. I am more of colors and flowers, or at least smth brighter. If there are different kind of cases – it will be nice to be able to choose the one you want,
·         But of course the plus: AT LEAST THERE IS A FREE CASE FOR GLASSES))))). (Thank you, Firmoo).

Well, at this point I will end my review, and will add that there is a special program the “Free New Pair for the New Clients”. Actually there are thousands of adverts all over the internet, so I guess you have already noticed it, but it is a really good promotion, as you have to pay just for the shipping. At least, you should take it in consideration if you are planning to buy a new pair.

Thank you Antonio, and Firmoo. It was a great pleasure to make this review, thank you for choosing my blog – I really needed a new pair of glasses – and as they are so fashionable it is even better.


  1. Those glasses are so pretty! :)
    Plus I love your hair, haha!


  2. very nice glasses too I got one Firmoo, however sunglasses.
    Pass on my follow me if you like, I'd like that.
    I'll leave my link http://annalisamasella.blogspot.it/
    You can also find me on Facebook, instagram, chicisimo, lookbook, bloglovin, Fashiolista.


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