Cake Buffet in Helsinki

I am a big fun of BUFFET. I normally don´t eat a lot, but I want to try everything, that is why the "buffet meals" give me the possibility to eat all that I see :)

Another passion of mine are CAKES! So here comes the best post of the year: Helsinki has a CAKE BUFFET!

You are paying 11.90 euros, and you get a huge cup of tea or coffe (there are like 15 tea flavors from wich you can choose. I chose a classic green tea with some extra flavor that I didn´t understand what it was), and than an unlimited amount of cake slices. Than you also have  a small table (as you see in the picture below) with some glasses and bottles of water, in case you need to hidratate yourself after the dessert. And it´s for free.

When I saw the desserts, I was thinking that I will be able to eat like 3 entire cakes, but it wasn´t as easy as i thought! So I could manage just 8 slices.... yummy slices...

Finally, I can tell that I will come back... there were some cakes that I couldn´t taste, I were too full and also I would like to have my mom with me ... she would definitely do some records in eating cakes. :)