First Impressions about Finland

I  study a lot and I enjoy studying and researching, but before coming to Finland I knew just 3 things about it, and those were my kind of expectations:

1- There are a LOT of Trees
2 - There are lakes ALL OVER Helsinki Area!!!!
3 - There is everything (Oh God Help Me!) Expensive.

So I were right about everything, that is why I am going to talk about things that I really didn´t expected. Even if there are so many lakes, even if there are so many green spaces (forests, parks or something in between) it all looks so beautiful, natural and fresh! There are so many places were you can stay with your family or with your couple and be surounded by the romantic and silent nature. I already have so many pictures were in the background there is a lake, but I just can´t pass by without making one! 

It is also true that even if there are a lot of people in the parks or around the lake, you always feel like in a private place, because noone bothers you, noone even looks at you. You have so many space just to stay and reflect without being disturbed.

The nature I guess is the same like in Moldova, I even noticed the same types of trees and the same GRASS. I became a little bit melancolic about that.

The negative point of all this is that sometimes you can feel like everything around you is pretty the same. The same central object: The lake and the same nature around it.  But I am optimistic, I know what I see, and I know what a wonderful experience it is. The Nature is really a powerfull tool in Finnish Tourism.

Here are the pictures I took during my first week in Helsinki. Just a few photographs to show you the beauty and the contrasts that you can find in the capital!


  1. How touching to read the commentary from the first week. You are a bit homesick and all is new. And so right you are - quiet, not many people, nobody disturbs you and - it very soon becomes monotonic, but then it can change to a meditative state of mind. Who knows. Tjanks for this,

    1. Thank you a lot for reading! I am happy that you liked it, I tried to do my best.


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