Student Profile Nr.1 : Andrea

Why Finland?

I wanted to improve my English and with my level I could  choose just Finland. Also, Helsinki is a well known Europe Capital City and it is far from Spain. FIN—LAND (get it? :) )

Describe your  1st month

In few words: unexpected in a good way with cultural shock.

In Your opinion, what is the best part about being Erasmus Student in Finland?

Our University and also the people from Europe and in general around the world that I met; and YOU, of course!

How are you going to survive winter?

With hot chocolate, tea and a big desire and excitment to experience this totally new life!

What is the most difficult thing about Erasmus in Finland?

The period before arriving, when you are searching for accomodation. All the signs on the streets are in Finnish. It is easy to get lost. And I only know "Kiitos, Ravintola, Olut, Moi".

Will this experience help you in the future?

Of course. Spending 1 year outside your home and country is one of the best ways to become independent, self-sufficient and understand the life isn´t always PINK.

What other destination would you like to choose to spend there your exchange year?

Belgium and Netherlands.

Would you like to return to Finland someday?

Definetely, I will come back as soon as I can and I don´t mind living here for a longer period of time. I am in love with Finland.

Is your home university as good as Laurea University?

Well... you know... you have to be here to experience the difference of these 2 completely different universities.

Is there something more that I should have been asked?

YES! About the scolarship, let the world know... :)