Study Trip to Tallinn. Nordic Hotel Forum

With each passing week I get more and more surprised about Laurea´s LBD (Learning By Development) SYSTEMWhat is this system for real I will write later (maybe even at the end of my stay here), but in just some words it means that "There is nothing as efficient as being a part of what you are studying. See, hear, try and do it  - that is what matters". 

So the last week I had a very busy schedule, mostly because of our STUDY TRIP that our marketing teacher organised for us. We went to Tallinn, Estonia, and we stayed at a 4* hotel: Nordic Hotel Forum

This particular post is mostly about my opinion about our accomodation, and about what kind of pictures a student makes when he has an opportunity to stay in that kind of hotel. (and) I really don´t feel embarassed because when noone sees I think it is really funny to wake up your inner child and let him be happy and enjoy the moment :)

About the corridor: The idea of placing the room numbers is great, with a great design and colors. The lights are just perfect and give you the feeling that you are actually in a 4* hotel (I guess, I really don´t know as I am not an usual customer, but it is just my opinion). Even though the floor looks somehow interesting, I think the floor carpet doesn´t combine with the design of the walls in this hallway. From my point of view the walls are more a combination of classic and modern type while the floor is a creative invention that isn´t classic nor modern. 

The room: A standard room with all the complements. It took me time to understand that the red wine also makes part of the "paid service", I thought that not as it was the only bottle that wasn´t included in the mini-bar. I had to reed the menu to see if this bottle is mentioned there or not, and yes - it costs 7euros. I liked a lot the colors of the room, dark brown - grey - and the dark yellow lights made the atmosphere of the room very clam and comfortable. Everything was shouting: STAY HERE, don´t go :)

If you have never seen how a bad should be inaugurated look in the pictures above, and than below... 

The beds: it is just impossible to describe how comfortable are those beds and the pillows. So soft and by the way they were also shouting: stay more... :)

The Bathroom: I would give it just 8 points out of 10. If in our HOAS building we have bathrooms with floor heating - in a 4* Hotel it should be a MUST. It was pretty cold in bathrooms, and in general in the room, the heating at 22ºC isn´t so much and we couldn´t raise it more. 

Breakfast: Better than Cake Buffet may be just a Breakfast Buffet. It was the best brekfast I had in years. There were lots of normal food also, I just prefered my standard menu of pancakes with strawberry jam, wafles with yogurt (how strange, isn´t it? I just thought that my stomach wouldn´t afford it separately), 2 croiassant, and some other bakery. I also took a small bowl of fruits and a coffe. I felt like a Goddess.

Well this is all about our NORDIC HOTEL FORUM experience. 
10 tourism students remained satisfied, we enjoyed the stay, the program and the company of each other. There are some more posts coming about what we have  learned in this short but exciting trip, so keep in touch.


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