Helsinki´s Christmas Decorations

The 1st of December 2013 is nearly ended. The first day of winter - I have waited for it since june, when we bought tickets to Moldova. In 16 days I am going to take the bus to St.Petersburg, and 12 hours later I am going to hug my dear parents.

This year my Christmas holidays are going to be short, too short but intense and full of love and precious moments spent with my family and my best friends!

Earlier this week Miriam, Andrea and I went out to see Helsinki Christmas Lights. We were somehow disappointed because we were thinking that in Santa´s Country they should have been more inventive. Too simple for Helsinki, too simple guys.... I told that I am going to send them pictures with Moldovan Christmas lights, lets see who beats whom. :)

But we understood what is prettier than Christmas Lights in Helsinki  - Helsinki´s Shop Windows. Everyone stops by just to see how inventive the disigners and how artful the displays look.

Cheers Everyone!