Pizza Buffet. Rax

Hello Everyone!
Today I am coming with another BUFFET Post, and this time it is all about Pizza. 

On the last day of my friend Ana stay, we went to Pizza Buffet to have our lunch. We called our other moldovan friend Alex, that is also doing his Erasmus in Helsinki, and Ana invited her classmate from Moldova, Cristi, that is also doing his Erasmus here. So the 5 moldovans met in Helsinki. Normally, when moldovans meet they are not just eating pizza :) but ... this was an exception.

P.S: 9 days till I will see my family, friends and pets!

So this is how we started. 
Showing student card, for less than 9 euros you have UNLIMITED Pizza, Drinks, Chiken Wings, Lasagna, Onion Rings, also different fresh (or not) vegetables for those who want salad. Actually each of the Buffets we visited has this vegetables table. As I can understand, Finnish people really like salads.

Here you can see my first plate. And a Coca-Cola Light :)

The price also includes SWEETS. These are the only sweets they have, but it is also unlimited. Actually, after some 6 slices of pizza you are going to find your limit. :)

I also had an Ice-Cream. The best about it, is that you can "poor" it yourself, and you can add whatever topping you like, I also added some teddy bears to it. The worst part - the ice-cream is not that good, it doesn´t have that soft structure and nice flavour as the Sandy.

And at the end, you also can make yourself a coffe. I made myself an expresso with ice-cream. My favorite combination. 

This is all for now.

Cheers Everybody, and remember: food is important - but there is nothing better that eating in a good company! :)