About Travel Bloggers´ Seminar in Helsinki

I have never participated at any bloggers´conferences, seminars or work-shops etc. I think it was my destiny to attend my first one in Helsinki, Finland while doing my Erasmus Year. (Thank you AFTA (Association of Finnish Travel Agents) for sponsoring it, in this way I got a chance to discover more things about all this blogger industry.)

In Northern Europe Travel Bloggers are still not very trusted, like for example in Central Europe or in Northern America. Companies still doubt wherever it is good for their business to invest in bloggers or not. From my point of view, this Seminar and the whole Nordic Bloggers´ Experience program wanted to show the travel industry that bloggers have a very LOUD voice. 

During 2 hours I learned secrets (or not) and tips of choosing the right travel blogger for co-operation, how they may help the private sector or the public one (for example in Girona, Spain). Not that I didn´t know about it, but as more you hear speaking of or from as many people - more doubtless knowledge about it you gain. 

Melvin Boecher, blogger at  traveldudes.org
Showed Statistics and compared the value that a newspaper provides versus a blog. Just one blogger may reach more readers (Eyes/Ears) than a whole Newspaper. Investing in a (right) blogger will be more cost efficient than to invest in a newspaper article/adv etc. For example there was even created this ROI calculator, a platform which helps you to see the VALUE of the Blog or Twitter. You can find more information at there website. (I still have to "chew" all this ROI information). 

What I want to say is that the ON-LINE world provides a lot of VALUE. Even my teachers, my parents (my grandmother!!!) are on-line, and it is not just skype! It is on-line media (Tv, Sewspapers, Social Media), forums and BLOGS. 

Laurel Robbins, PTBA (Professional Travel Bloggers Association) 
Introduced the special search engine where tourism professionals may find the "right" blogger for their projects. At the present moment it has 225 bloggers signed-up. It was something new to me, and I think it looks pretty professional and time saving for people who are looking for a good co-operation.

With Sebastian Canaves from Off-The-Path Blog

With Jaume Marin, Marketing and Promotion director at Patronat de Turime Costa Brava, Girona

All in all it was a nice experience of listening to so many famous travel bloggers, see in NUMBERS how they can help  tourism, find out about travel bloggers platforms and learn some tips from them. 

And I definetely think that travel blogging in the Northern Europe is going to be considered more from now on (Not because of this specific seminar, but also because of the Social Media and how well Bloggers are managing it.)


  1. Seems it was very interesting. I think invest in bloggers is a good decision, but you have to choose properly. I've met Sebastian and Jaume before, and both are excellent speakers.

    1. Hello Daniel! Thank you for entering my blog! :) It´s an honour :)
      Yes, the seminar was fantastic, I liked a lot listening to all these bloggers, their stories... and in general to study some new things about this whole industry. I never thought of being a travel blogger (and i won´t) But it is nice no know some secrets, as Tourism in general as a business interests me a lot! :D

      Sebastian and Jaume were great! And there were so many interesting people! i think the best people are those who travel a lot, and spend some time in different cultures, these are the most open-mided people I know! And being Open-Minded - Is what I value the most in people. :)


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