Less attractive stands at NBE Finland 2014

After the post about the Best Stands at NordicTravel Fair in Helsinki, comes the post about the less attractive stands from the same fair. 

I don´t aim to critic anyone or to be subjective, I just chose to describe the ones that from my point of view failed the test of "attractiveness". The stands are going to appear in alphabetical order.

1. Asia King Tour Operator

Cheap. Too cheap design and decorations for being a Tour Operator. What are the customers going to think about them? The shelves have one booklet/guide each one, and nothing else. I would not be sure about my trip organized by Asia King Travel.

2. Australia Tours by Aktiv - Resor

Sorry Australia, but it is so outdated! The table reminds me of my school exhibitions and the amount of pictures confuse me. If I see that picture on the web, I would totally think it is some geography classroom in a regular school in Moldova. 

3. Brasil Tourism Board

Sensational Brasil - haven´t communicated so well the sensation! Not an ugly stand, but I was waiting so much more from them! I think that my expectations were too beyond of what they presented. It is great they used this beutiful green and yellow, but I suppose they were too confident about theirselves (about the image of the country). Mayb they were right, and Brasil doesn´t need more marketing and PR than it already have;

But people pay  money to visit the exhibition and transfer themselves to a whole new world! Maybe they are going to visit some of the destinations this year (or maybe not), but the desire of seeing "prototypes" of new places is so big that countries/companies/agencies etc. just shouldn´t betray them in this way! Bring us the piece of what you are...

4. Hotel Representatives

Everything is okay with the design of this stand. Small tables/desks for each hotel with which Apollo collaborates (This is how I understood it from Apollo´s Ads on the table). But what I want to highlight is the ATTITUDE! I was completely shoked when representatives started to flirt with my friend and me, as it was some regular market, and not a trade fair and even better: a B2B day! Noone payed us, however during 3 hours we acted as professional as we could, and now imagine these employees asking for our e-mails and telephones! Outrageous!

5. Russian Tours

 I understand that the red color is powerful, it have may attracted attention in a good way before, nowadays I think it is somehow outdated and disturbing. In the last post I already commented that the combination of white and red like a representation of a company doesn´t "move" me in a good way, and that huge advertisment in red and yellow seems to be so cheap and simply boring. All in all, the stand may engage your attention for a moment but not your feelings .

6. Sarikiz

Hello Hospital walls! As I can see Mesukesskus offer companies a standard box stand, and sometimes the just don´t know what to do with it! 

7. Taiwan

Here we have a completely opposite situation! Taiwan had too many ideas and too much material, so they just simply exposed everything they had! 

This is all!

I had planned to post more at the beginning, but when thinking ""Why is it bad?" I changed my opinion. Sometimes  when you do not have any expectations, or when a company fits the stand which it has, or the authenticity of a country may be represented by its stand  ... it turns out that it is not so bad. 
These are just my thoughts. A fair is a business, but it is as well a way to travel and discover new, amazing things in just one place.