TA/TO Web Presence in Finland. Part 1

During the last months I´ve been very interested in OnLine Marketing / E-marketing / Web Presence in Tourism. That is why I analysed the Online Presence of the 5 most imortant Travel agencies/ Tour Operators in Outbound Tourism in Finland. In this post there are analysed just 3 of them: Apollo, Finnmatkat and Tjareborg. Tomorrow I am going to share the second part, Aurinko and Lomamtkat.


Apollo´s web page has a simple structure, with a lot of images and not so much text. It is very easy to find whatever information one may need, and also it is easy to fill the booking questionnaire. The colors that Apollo uses are soft , the background is contrasting with the pictures that are used to describe the destination and to express more or less the warmth of the host country. The background is actually the sand and scrolling down we are going to get into the sea. Each element is used to influence the customer´s feelings and make him book the trip.

Apollo also presents in an attractive and interactive mode the destinations where it operates, and also offers Summer destinations, Winter Destinations and Theme destinations.
In general, the Web Site is very functional, easy to access, not hard to understand even to elder people who are not used working with computers.

The only Social Media Site that is announced on the Main page of the Web Site is their Official Facebook Page, and it is announced just at the bottom.  However accessing other pages during the navigation through the web site you can share the page you are looking via Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other 288 Social Media.

Finnmatkat is one of the most important competitors of Apollo in Finland. The structure of the site is not that simple as in Apollo, and it seems to be charged with information, even if there is not so much written text, having at the same time text, pictures, prices in color circles, text boxes it all gets an idea of a web catalogue and it is more difficult to just navigate.

The main colors that Finnmatkat is using are ocean blue and white, having as a background a clear blue ocean picture.
On the main page they are also promoting Social Media Sites they are using, Facebook (with 144,665 likes), Twitter (5972 followers) and Youtube channel (99 subscribers and 231.759 video views). Finnmatkat is updating the Social Media Sites often, but not in abundance. In that way they give the idea of presence but not of persuasion. Nevertheless the webpage seems more persuasive then the Apollo´s one.
Finnmatkat also has on its main page information about how a customer may pay the booking, the information that Apollo does not have, at least on the initial page.  

They also have a map model of where their destinations are.


Tjareborg is another travel agency that operates online only. Their webpage is a little bit different from others because of the format and of the colors they are using. On the initial page they use picture boxes with a title and some prices. They do not give more information, but it is not difficult to understand the idea. The first page has the function of a well structured index; with images that already give you an idea of what do they have to offer. The colors are very soft, the pale pink provides a no pressure sentiment and a calm mood. It is very easy to navigate, but at the same time opening the cells they provide so many titles, it becomes a little bit stressful.

The Social Media that they are using is presented in a very original mode, and shows that they are more than happy to communicate with their clients and with their potential customers. They are using Facebook (114,052 likes), Twitter (3929 followers), Pinterest, Instagram (789 followers) and Youtube (50 subscriptions and 107.915 views).  Each of these medias is linked with the other ones, in this way they show how interconnected they are.