The Best Stands from Nordic Travel Fair 2014

Everyone visits fairs (IF visits) for different motives: to see others, to show himself, to compare, to find interesting and good offers, to get some inspiration or just for a walk (if the fair is for free). This is my fourth fair that I am visiting at Mesukesskus, and this one interested me basically from all points of view. 

But in this post I am going to talk especially about the Best Stands that different companies used at this exhibition (from my perspective).

Why the Stand is so important? 
First, because it is the most important impression that you are giving to the visitors of the fair about your company. Maybe they have never heard about it, and maybe they are not going to approach this time, but they will definetely keep it in mind for future.
Second, if there are more companies offering for example the same services at the same prices, the potential customer is likely to choose the one whose stand is more attractive (looks more professional, appealing, clean etc.)

I chose the Stands I liked the most. They are going to appear in alphabetical order.

1. Apollo 
(Travel Agency Specialized on Outbound Tourism)

First of all it was HUGE. In this case the size was really important as it gave visitors a lot of space to walk around, analyse, think and discuss the offers with their partner. 
The next important factor - the light. The whole space had a nice lightning and combined with the third factor - the colors, white and blue - it gave a feeling of heaven: no rush, no discomfort zone and no pushing. The last element I would like to comment is the simple design they have chosen. Not a lot of pictures, which I understood like "We don´t have what to prove to anyone", just a professional look and the accent on the Big Sales they have. No walls - a big plus, as the visitors could access the sand from all corners.

Just the last observation: they kept it simple and professional.

2. Aurinko
(Travel Agency Specialized on Outbound Tourism)

Aurinko presented itself in a completely different way from Apollo (and from any other as well). Everything about it was non-formal and relaxed. Everything was made-up in order to make its clients/potential clients to feel like they are on a summer vacation. The Bar, the colors, the small pool - very creative and attractive. I think they made a wonderful marketing for themselves by using this kind of stand. I just didn´t understand wherever they had or not some stuff there to answer possible visitors´questions.

3. Botswana Tourism Board

From my point of view this kind of  Standard Stands are outdated, but I think that Botswana is one of the few companies that could make it a nice and pleasant Information Point. Not too many pictures, not haotic, simple but not too much. Also look at the nice smile of the man that is working there. Very cute.

4. Bulgaria Tourism Board

The next stand that I think was one of the best is from Bulgaria Tourism Board. Their stand cought my attention because of the colors they used, White - Beautiful Green and Orange. Not too much colors, just perfect to stand out from other stands, and yet stay simple. It is a small stand, but not boring, not outdated it has just the basic - and it worked perfect for them. Less is more :)

 5. Finnmatkat

Finnmatkat maybe didn´t have the best stand, but they made quite a nice PR at this Fair. They installed a huge screen where real people were projected appearing  on a beach or at the pool; they had a big area with tables on which the brochures were exposed. In general they made a nice entertainment program for all the visitors. For me at least it was something new to see.

6. India

This stand I liked for the following: The contrast of the colors and the design. I don´t think there is anything more to discuss, actually. 

7. Korean Tourism Board

Korea was truly inspired. Enormous stand, not in the area but in height. A lot of beautiful  high quality pictures, people at the stand wearing traditional cloths (even though I don´t think it is so important when you have on your background a precious picture of that Cruise Liner). And you cannot see from the picture, but they aslo had some new medical-technology there which they were asking people to try. (I didn´t try it)

8. Malaysia Tourism Board

Here I give credits  for the background, a big picture on the whole wall of a nice Malaysian beach. The intense dark blue floor makes the whole stand to "breath". I don´t like the monkeys hanging there and the jackets (I hope they were of interested potential clients)

9. Singapore Tourism Board

Singapore had a fantastic design of the stand! Roundish - the only company that used the space in this way. Very modern, fresh, young. It went beyond the always white, blue and green colors, and this dark violet (lila - how you call it) made it very and very stylish.

10. Spanish Tourism Board

Spanyards got totally my attention. I Ohhed and Awwed seeing their stand. They used a lot of space, but in a way that noone did: They placed a HUGE MAP of SPAIN on the floor! It was amazing! Everyone was standing, and searching for the places they have been to or the places they would like to go (I even talked to someone explaining where I live, where I study, and what countries I want to visit). For being original, I introduced them to this list of best stands, but there were a couple of things that realy didn´t work.

The light was too poor, for example in Apollo (nr.1) the light was very powerful, and because these 2 stayed one near the other, the difference was noticeable. Spain is all about SUN. The Big Screen were too high, noone saw it, or noone could observe what was there projected. And the last, the stand itself - I don´t like the combination of white and red on any other things than fashion (clothes). The colors of the stand and the dull light made too formal. In general the whole Idea was fantastic, I would change just the light and the stand colors (Ok... maybe even the design of the stand)

Let´s be Creative!

11. Symba Experience Company

This is the picture from inside of the stand. And below there is how the exterior of the stand looks. This guys cought totally my attention.

12. Thailand

The last best stand that I am going to show you: Creative, Bright, Not simple but easy to see the main points (the pictures and the umbrellas). 

I have just presented you a couple of stands from Nordic Travel Fair 2014. From my point of view these ones were the best. You can leave below your comments if you agree or even if not, I would appreciate any kind of opinion.

And let´s be Creative!