Mar 17, 2014

My OnLine Education

A good professional never stops studying.
A student that wants to become a specialist in any field, studies twice as much as his fellow students.

Besides studying at the university, I am doing some EXTRA activities that I am sure will add more value and more quality to my degree. I would like to share with you MY sources of On-Line Education.


The most important source at the present moment is Coursera. This platform with On-Line Courses helps in fulfilling what is missing at my curriculum. So far I followed 2 and a half of its courses:
  1.       Developing Innovative Ideas. First Step in Entrepreneurship – I got a 5.4/10, but mostly because I was submitting the questionnaires after the deadline. To get a certificate of accomplishment I would need a 7.
  2.      Critical Perspectives on Management – I finished it, and I am sure I am going to get a certificate of accomplishment. In a week or so I´ll have the result. I have to mention that it was one of the best courses ever (on-line and in-person class).
  3.         Competitive Strategies – I started this course but I couldn´t follow more than 2 weeks because I started working. Now I am waiting for this course to start once again. Hopefully not in summer.

As you can see all the courses are business related. That is good. I also like business topics that I can connect to tourism.

Canvas is another platform with lots of on-line courses, free and ones for which you have to pay. For free courses there won´t be a certificate of accomplishment, but the classes are not becoming worse from that. I followed 2 courses there:
  1.        Project Management for All Skills – it was based more on the management steps and responsibilities one needs to have/make in order to drive a project.
  2.          New Media Trends in Hospitality – this is the course I am en-rolled now, but I still haven´t time to look through it.

Internet is full of different kind of infographics on different topics: Social Media, Marketing, Trends, Tourism, Education etc. Some of them provide useful and new information; others are more like a basic summary of a specific topic. I really love reading them.

Believe me or not, but Twitter is becoming the most important source of getting FRESH information about Tourism. Following companies, professionals, organizations that on a daily basis share their knowledge is priceless. Sometimes I even get lost in the quantity of information they are posting.

Just To Mention: Wordreference - I open this website more often than any other. There are too many languages in my head.

If you are asking now: Do you know now all that you´ve read/studied?
My answer is: Of course not. I think that in order to transform the studies in knowledge one should apply it into practice, or at least comment and debate it with someone else. I don´t have where to apply, nor I have whom to talk to (yet). I just hope that at least small pieces of information are going to get stuck some way in my head and I will be able to use them in the future.  

One thing I know for sure, ongoing training is important for all careers.


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  3. I’ll grade this blog as an A and it shows how much effort has been put into this.


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