Kin Sushi in Helsinki

I don´t know what for people like sushi...
- is it for its taste? But it is just rice with some compliment. 
- is it for its name? Its exotic. 
- maybe for the multitude of forms it has or maybe it is just "fashion"?

I didn´t find an answer for myself because I never was sushi fan, they are so expensive and fency (if there is fency food - than sushi makes part of it). Something it should have. Anyways, I already visited Kin Sushi twice, and I enjoyed it a lot. 

Kin Sushi is a lovely Sushi Restaurant in Helsinki, not far from the center. During the lunch time they serve buffets, and any other time it is a normal restaurant with regular prices. 

Buffet´s price is around 12 euros, which includes sushi, Thai food, some dessert (not very good), soft drinks and tea/coffee. 
The place is clean, spacious, it has 2 floors and on each of them you can refill your drinks. The waiters are polite, well dressed and very nice to the visitors (at least in our case).

I am not an expert in sushi, as long as it is "eatable" and with soia sauce - it is good. But why I would recommend it, first it would be because of the low price and second because of the big variety of sushi and other dishes. We were also served some special kind of sushis, it was unexpected and very pleasant.

Read below above the Accessibility at Kin Sushi.

Accessibility at Kin Sushi

I couldn´t not mention the special platform lift for wheelchairs. Because the restaurant is slightly underground, there are steps at the entrance. Kin Sushi has this special platform lift which is incredibly thoughtful, in this way even people in whellchairs can come here. As I already mentioned there are enought place to move, even though when there are more people it can be really crowded. The chairs can be moved, and some of the tables as well.

I also entered to see if they have accessible toiletes, and to my surprise they have a pretty well adapted toilet for people with special needs. 

The door to enter the toilet facilities room is easy to open, and opens both ways.

It was really thoughtful, and this is why Kin Sushi impressed me.