Saint Petersburg. Day two

Kazan Cathedral/ Kazanskii Federal´nyi Sobor

Kilometers and kilometers walking every day. The city is enormous, at least it seemed like that. We walked as much as we could, but of course we couldn´t manage to see everything. It is also true that April is not the best time to visit the city, a lot of beautiful royal gardens and fountains are still close. We stay positive, maybe some other time, hopefully.

Even though we stayed in St. Petersburg just for 2 full days, there is one thing I found out about myself: I am not ready to be a backpacker. It is so difficult to walk non-stop, and after each meal I just wanted to stay on the chair  forever and not move, just not move. 

Palace Square / Dvortzovaia Ploshad´

General Staff Building / Glavnyi Shtab

Hermitaj/ Ermitaj

 Saint Isaac´s Cathedral.The back part/ Isaakievskii federal´nyi sobor. 

The Bronze Horseman. Monument to Peter the Great/ Mednyi Vsadnik. Monument Petru I.