Copenhagen City Break. Part 2

Here comes the second part of our short city break in Copehagen, Denmark. This post includes just some of the highlights of our trip. Hope you are going to enjoy the pictures, and don´t doubt on going and visiting this charming European city.

My first big group trip. Words cann´t express how great is it to travel with funny, positive and always happy friends. I got an incredible boost of energy from them.

Even though I am not a big fun of posting selfies, but I think I should be in trend somehow. So here is our Copenhagen Selfie (one of them) ! 

Why there is always someone who ruins good pictures? By the way, I left the picture that way because didn´t want to crop the view behind me.

The oldest street in Copenhagen. The first Carlsberg factory.

Okay, now I think I should explain somehow my "multicolored outfit". I knew it was going to rain, but till the last moment I thought that we would be lucky enough and the weather will change. It didn´t. I took gloves, this scarf, and this head band with me JUST IN CASE I would feel cold. I felt cold during the most of our stay, so I had to put on all that I had. So here is how I turned to be so multicolored but at least a little bit wormer. :) 

Beautiful view and not that beautiful us. This picture is going to stay here till Viorel sees it and demands me to remove it.  :)

In conclusion: As Viorel and I we are still not sure where we would like to live for the next 5-6 years, we are looking at all the cities/destinations as a potential place to live in. Copenhagen for us turned as a "why not, it is cool here" option. 

Thank you for taking your time and reading this post! Don´t forget to share your own experiences in Copenhagen!