Mounting the Ifach Rock in #Calpe

The Ifach Rock is considered to be the Symbol of Costa Blanca. Nowadays it is also a natural park seen from everywhere around Calpe. It is important to mention that the access is free and in general it is easy accessible.

When to visit: The best time to climb the rock is early in the morning or around 6-7-8 p.m. In other words whenever the sun is not heating too much.

The length of the visit: It is very relative because it depends on how many pictures you like to take or how much time you are willing to spend at one spot. You´ll find some spectacular views of Calpe city, and it will be difficult to move forward leaving them behind. 
It took me 2 hours to climb half of the rock, I was so excited and I couldn´t believe I finally got to climb it and take all these beautiful pictures.

(It was pretty windy that day, that is why I am touching my hat in all of the pictures)

The spot.
 I was always wondering where in Spain is this place, and finally I found out. It always was at just 30km away.

When you´re getting to the middle of the itinerary you get in front of you this tunel (with light at the end of it :) ) It is very slippery. From there the road is rocky and more difficult. I couldn´t go further because of my shoes and bag. That is why:

Clothes to wear: Anything suitable for climbing or hiking. 


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