Dec 12, 2014

Briefly - Innsbruck, Austria

We all have expectations about a city, country or a village that we are going to visit. We are fully-equipped with all kind of wikis and smart devices that can present us a full perspective of what we are going to find there. Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol was a true discovery for me. It was the first time when I understood that having less expectations and researching less is what makes your whole adventure be much surprising and unforgettable. 

Welcome to Innsbruck!

I couldn't leave you without a map. Now you know about what region we are talking about. Briefly, it is located between Munich (Germany) and Verona (Italy), in the middle of  mountain chains. Just imagine how beautiful should Innsbruck be in winter!

And now, let me make you a short tour around:

The famous colored glass roof, that one can find inthe shopping mall just in the center of Innsbruck.

Peacefull atmosphere like in the picture above is sorrounding the whole Innsbruck.

The Saint Nicholas Parish Church:
"The Saint Nicholas parish church is the most important neo-gothic monument in the Tyrol.From as early as 1313, a chapel could be found here.The last reconstruction took place in 1825 - 1891. Especially worth mentioning are the winged altars. (Source: Innsbruck Info) 

Beautiful Innsbruck not just from the inside, but from outside as well,

We could enjoy these panoramic views from the Funicular Hungerburg

In the middle you can see our host and our guide during 5 days, Angelica. Without her, it would be impossible to discover all of those amazing places. THANK YOU!!!

You thought I'm going to forget about the "Golden Roof"? No way... but actually...this is one of the monuments that less impressed. Among all those mountains, peacefull nature views, small houses, beautiful cows, who cares about some "Golden Roof"?

Ending the day at Rox MusicBar, which is also located in the center of Innsbruck. A highly recomended places if you want to disconnect, listen to some good music and eat some big burgers!



  1. this place looks so gorgeous :)
    lets follow each other! just let me know and I will follow back :)


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