Why Spark?

 Life and spirit, two words easy to read, write and maybe understand… but much harder to feel. Our life depends on the spirit that rises in us. The true glitter of the soul is bringing out the sunshine in our head, the shine that we have to use properly in our day by day routine. Yes, sometimes it is a really routine, imperfect and unending. But looking deeper in our soul, we have to find that key of liberty, which brings another life dimensions, with a real SPARK in it. SPARK is what we need, it is what alive us and is helping to pass through everything, with our eyes wide opened and glittering.
 I want to spark for my friends and family. I want to cherish with them the wonderful things my soul can feel, and I want to make them happy. But much more I want to spark for people that don’t know me. Why? Because sometimes it is the only thing we can make for others, to show them through us, "what" actually are they.
But what is this Glitter? Let’s think together…