Gone with the Wind , by Margaret Mitchell

One of the best books i have ever read. One of the most incredible and inspiring stories 
of Life that is so imprescindible. This book is all about Love, War, Scare and Surviving.
You never know how and when your life will change, how would it be and how will it change you.
The protagonist of the Novel, Scarlett O´Hara, will always remain in my head as an 
example to follow. This is the only inspiring woman character for me now, cause´ the 
real one is my mother. From the begining  till the end of the novel we are following her
life changings and how the monstruos war is reflected in it. You can´t even imagine how 
brave and strong a woman can be, how many difficulties can pass and how much can love.
"I´ll think about that tomorrow, tomorrow is another day" So simple, optimistic and at 
the same time so wise thought, isn´t it? All the sorrows and the hardest moments of the life, 
leave them for another day, stay calm and easy, there are a lot of things to think
 about TODAY.And then Scarlett never thought about it again. We think that There are 
things that we can´t leave behind us,doing so, we are breaking ourselves down.  

 Be strong, be brave , because Tomorrow is another day !