Mercado Medieval

Yesterday I went out to see ¨Mercado Medieval¨. Every year in this period, from 10 april till the end of the may, in Spain are organized markets from the middle ages, or something like that. In every region it lasts 3-4 days, all the day long. And as I am now in Finestrat I can tell you what I saw.
People are wearing clothes that are similar to those from middle ages, they are selling different kinds of hand-made stuff and not only. There are others that opened like small cafes in different styles, and are preparing spanish and arabic food. And what else... ooo yeah.... there were a lot... A LOT OF SWEETS AND CAKES... damn, i supose it was so tasty, but i couldn´t buy... Because I´m trying not to eat that kind of things at the night, but keeping it till morning -well it´s not my style :)

I´ve made some fotos!

P.S: I´ve had a bad pfotografer, hehe... so I have just one BAD foto :)