Village or Village?

I´m living in Valencia, but not the center of it, it is more like countryside, but I am calling it VILLAGE (just beacause it is not the CITY- the CENTER- don´t have discos and comercial centers).
Almost every weekend we are going to Finestrat, which is another VILLAGE, but the CENTER(the City) of it is ALICANTE. Well, i hope I am right, cause I´m already getting crazy with all the villages, districts, cities and so on. We are going there because Vio´s parents are living there... at the beginning I thought I like Valencia more... but with time... I changed my mind. It is so bad that ALICANTE is 140 km far from VALENCIA.
I´ve took some fotos of the view from the balcony of the both apartments:

A Village of VALENCIA(Burjassot):

A Village of Alicante(FINESTRAT):


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