Visiting Castellon

   The next day we visited ¨Castellón¨. The truth is that we chose a bad day for that: cold and rainy! But it was okay, I think that when you are with yout friends, best friends... the weather isn´t a big problem. I had to borrow my BF´s jacket  :) cause´ I forgot mine at home.
   At the end we stopped at a Bar to eat something, and to play PARCHIS.... if you never tryed you defnitely should... it´s interesting and captivating.
   Ohh... and you also can see me as a ¨Vampire¨ - I´m very sexy with red teeth!!


  1. Sounds like you're having a fantastic time, and I'm so loving the red teeth, haha!

    Stopping in from the LBS tea party.

  2. Yeesss, we are having great time together!!!

    P.S : thanks for having a cup of tea with me :D

  3. Un placer pasar por tu casa,
    que tengas un feliz fin de semana.
    un abrazo.

  4. you guys make a nice couple. looks like you guys had a fabulous trip. lovely photos, and great blog. new follower--brushing up a bit on the language. :) hope to stay connected, and cheers from usa!


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