Lost and Found. Working

   This update is specially for my friends and my family, or for all those who are wondering ¨where am I¨ :)

SO ... I found a summer job, and now I am completely without any free or spare time to post in my lovely blog, or comment something in facebook, or just talk more than 10 minutes once in 3 days with my parents.

My dearest FRIENDS, I am so sorry I can´t contact or chat with you, I miss you so much and I wish to know everything about your summer vacation and your future plans, believe me, I barely find time for myself (and most of the time I don´t).

I am working in an Ice'cream shop, as a waitress and I am very happy about this. It took me one week to get used to work, as the last time I worked was 2 years ago...

In few words, I am happy and tired, Happy about this opportunity and tired, well ... I just need some more sleep.
Here are some photos of MY PLACE :) Enjoy and hasta la proxima!


  1. is it our first job ?
    You are very responsable , it's hard but quite good to have a Summer job !

    ciao ave

  2. Is a job but ...with this,sounds delicious!


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