Book: P.S:I Love you, by Cecelia Ahern

P.S: I Love you , by Cecelia Ahern

One more book that I read this summer (just the second, actually, and this makes me sad).
What can I tell, watching the movie, I cried with every letter that Holli received from Gerry... reading the book .. i cried, I laughed and then cried and laughed again... the book is so entertaining I just couldn´t spent a day without reading at least 10 pages. I think that Cecilia (the author) is just an amazing, kind and a very funny and ¨girly¨woman.

 If you ever feel like you want a doze of laughter and tears at the same time, you should read it. Easy to read, but  hard to forget.


  1. I absolutely loved the movie, cried half the time, haven't read the book yet, would love to.


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