It´s been a while

I can´t believe ... I HAVE TIME TO UPDATE my BLOG!!!!!  It´s been a while...
During this time I visited my family, I saw my friends... I solved some problems with my documents... and I began my University studies!!!!!! I am studying TOURISM... :P

I spent just 4 days in Moldova... 4 wonderful days! I have some photos, which I will post below...

And... as always... when I have a lot to say, I say little, because it is hard to choose something interesting or important or both of them! I really hope that I FINALLY returned to my NORMAL, SIMPLE and FULL OF LOVE LIFE!!!

Thank you all for visiting my blog this month!!! I missed WRITING and CHERISHING.... rrrrr


  1. Hi Iloshka

    Looks like you had an awesome vacation, I missed reading your awesome blog. Glad you are back


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