My Campus. Campus de TARONGERS. Part ONE

   Finally I made some photos of my Campus, so now my parents and my friends can see where I am spending the most of my time(apart from library). But there are just some pics as I was in a hurry, and photographed while I was walking from the canteen to the metro station.

 I hope you all will like my ORANGE campus (this is what TARONGERS means) .


  1. nice campus, you took great pics. love the outfit ;-)

  2. It looks cool, makes me remember my old campus in Paris :) You look great, btw :)

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

  3. missing the sun over here while looking at your pics! lovely! xx

  4. The campus looks amazing! Such a cute look, love the red pants!
    Thanks for your lovely comment and sorry for how long it took me to answer! I'm following you now :)
    I hope you'll stop by again!

  5. Thanks for coming by my site! I love your campus; it's so pretty!


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