My Reading List for This Summer

I LOVE reading! Maybe different kind of novels like romance, science fiction or detectives are one of my favorites, I don´t mind reading ANYTHING that is literature! During the university studies it is impossible for me to read any type of books but specific ones, as between studies - work - house duties - and worries it is very difficult to lay some hours doing nothing but reading... so I have these 3 months of pure joy! Beach, Books, Summer Job --- good!!! Ah, well... there is one more thing.... in Spain the books are too expensive, so I can´t afford buying them in the book shop ( :( ) But I found that second hand shop where a book costs 1 euro or less. Of course I know how to search for books in internet, but it is not the same pleasure as to have the book in your hands. I read just 3 online books this summer, as it was a trilogy and I wanted so much to read them and at the same time couldn't find them in the shops nor library. Here are the photos of the books I read, and 2 of them still not.

I am reading now "Un puerto seguro" by Danielle Steel /wonderful author/

A photo of this "summer collection", just without the 3 other books that i read on-line!
 So I discovered Nora Roberts and Danielle Steel - my new favorite female authors.


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