Cullera and Us

Las weekend we visited Cullera. It is a city/village in the Valencian Area (30 km from Valencia) which I wanted to visit for more than 2 years. Every single week we were passing nearby while going to Benidorm on Fridays and back to Valencia on Sundays.

I am happy I made it, and more than that, in a really GREAT 
company! It was awsome, guys!!

On the Top Of the Cullera Mountain.
Actually this mountain is the one that got my (and I am sure of anu other tourist) attention from the first look! It has this HUGE sign, exactly like the HOLYWOOD sign, but written CULLERA.

Castillo De Cullera (Oh God, how much I wanted to visit it!)

 I am admiring the view... and you can admire me xD

It was the first journey together, but for sure not the last!
Thank you Catalin for the picture, at least in one of them I am with my EYES OPEN ! :)

I loughed a lot, Bego, you are a Great Person!

The JUCAR River, Cullera´s representative river.

Just starting the Trip. Catalin, thank you for being such a good driver!


I can see you.... :)))))

Thank you for being there. You know why.