Free Writing After the lecture on “Global and Local Tourism”

Free Writing After the lecture on “Global and Local Tourism”

Each time, or better said each day after seeing/hearing/reading something about TOURISM, I understand over and over again why I chose this career.

Tourism is such a big industry that moves so many people all around the world, it has a river, no – an Ocean of possibilities for everyone. It starts with housekeeping and ends by running the Amadeus System. Tourism is a powerful weapon that a country can possess on a local scheme or either on a global one. By studying and understanding this industry we enter a world of pure marketing, pure strategies and competition for being unique, unbeatable or simply the best.

Each day there are millions of people travelling that includes the travelling of money. Looking on a global perspective, tourism is one of the best industries to work for/in. Why? From my point of view it´s always in trend, and if not, the power of a human being can make it so. We can control it, we can adapt it, we can develop and we also can kill it.  The power of management and a good planning will always be the answer for a spectacular tourism business.

Global Tourism.
Perspectives? It will never die.
Growing? Maybe.

Nobody knows what will be in the future, but for sure the tourism is not going to die. Nowadays travelling is a way of living, a way of discovering yourself and your own country (sometimes even more than discovering the recipient one). Even though on a general scale there are just 10% of the whole globe populations that are travelling (waw!), it remains an important number.

Local Tourism.
Is the basis. 

Without a start point there will never be a destination. Acting locally is the first step in building a big and powerful industry. That is why the public sector and the private one on a local scale should work as a team in order to survive or in order to better succeed on the international market. Many times when the private and the public sectors work apart it leads to misunderstandings after which everyone lose.
The resources that a destination can offer belong to the population and not to some burocratic institutions, that is why on a local perspective, the tourism specialists should always “be there” to assist and give the needed information to that “always busy institutions” in order to promote a safe and sustainable tourism.

Sustainability – yes. An important and very popular nowadays word. I guess this will be my last point to discuss, and last idea to write. The global and local perspective is to build and maintain the sustainability in your own body, home, city, country and in the whole world. We destroy more than we build, so the easiest way would be to sustain at least what we already have. America, Asia, Europe, Australia – people travel and people USE. We like to use the cultures and the traditions of the places we visit as it is the best way of discovering it. The experiences we gather build our personalities and our lives.

To conclude, I will tell you that from my point of view TOURISM should be a business where everybody wins: the tourist, the destination and of course the industry.


  1. Great writing.Keep up your enthusiasm forever. There will always be new things to wonder, new people to know. New skills to train and new things to learn. Brgds Ulla-M, your teacher from October last year -a bit late commentary, sorry!

    1. Hello Ulla-Maija! Of course I remember you! Thank you very much for your feedback on several of my posts. My enthusiasm is still very strong, and since I remember myself I always was so :) I am very happy I received such a positive feedback from you! Thank you


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