Helsinki in the Night Light

Yesterday night we went to discover "The Night Helsinki".

 We have walked for about 4 h and were completely surprised to see nothing but SILENCE. Well, of course this city is magic and there are plenty of medieval buildings, churches, monastries to discover but we also discovered that there are NO PEOPLE IN THE STREETS. It was so rare to see the CENTER of A CAPITAL with no people, just maybe a couple walking by, or some business men walking fast like there were late somewhere. 

With all that we were feeling completely safe on the empty streets of Helsinki. We also were comparing how different it is from Valencia, were you always have someone on the streets and you can see a lot of "busy" taxis. Even on a wednsday night. :)  And it wasn't cold and it wasn't raining, it was a perfect autumn night, that we spent in a pleasant, friendly company. Just like that:

Firstly, we prepared a yummy spanish dinner :)

  On the last steps of the cathedral were someone playing on the trumpet and it was magnificent. I could record a little piece. One of the best parts of the night...