Ilonas´s Advice Nr2 or How to get things done

Lazy mornings, lazy days, lazy nights…
No time for this no time for that….
Not yesterday not today maybe tomorrow … oh maybe…

We often find so many excuses to not do things, and we rarely do find them to actually get the things done. I thought that today I will bring up MY PERSONAL TIP that helps me to accomplish (most of the times) what I have to do and also what I don´t have to do but I want to.

  1.  LIST IT. Oh yes. I heard a lot about doing lists recently, and I think it is the best start someone could have.
  2. Think about the terms. Timing is always important, because if not – you´ll wait FOREVER. J (Usually I give myself a day or for a larger list a week.)
  3. And here comes the most important part: get a shower, get comfortable clothes, make yourself a comfort drink (it´s better a nonalcoholic one, but anyway you know better what works for you), prepare your workplace (by that I mean get the place cosy and comfortable for you, because you need to feel good and easy at the place you´re working).
  4. AT LEAST START. Maybe my advice will work for you, too. Or maybe NOT, but anyway it is going to be a good start.
Someone may need a little motivation – than just find someone that will cheer you up!

Good Luck at getting your things done!

P.S: The advice that may be sort of motivation for you

P.P.S: Oh, it also helps when you´RE NOT entering Facebook, Twitter, E´mails, Youtube etc. :)