The fear of entering the water

A story for and about hundreds and thousands students who are afraid to enter the “water”…

… you´re staying on the coast of a sea, and you are thinking that your biggest dream is to swim.  You´re looking into the water, but you can´t see your reflection in it, you can´t feel how cold is it, and the worst thing you don´t know how deep it is. And you´re afraid. You´re afraid to try because maybe your destiny is to swim in another sea? Or maybe in a lake? But there are also rivers or even oceans! There are so many places in this world that you can swim in, but which of them suits you? Where are the best conditions for you? So you are staying and waiting for… for what?

You don´t even know what are you searching because you never tried; you analyzed and researched but you are still at the same point were the desire of swimming is so BIG, but you feel so small and so unprotected … you think of the waves: are they going in the same direction as you are, or are they going to beat you somehow? You want to enter the water and never change to another pool, you want to become the best swimmer in that place, you want to make it yours. But you´re still afraid.

We think we have one chance, that if we take the opportunity to swim in the sea the opportunity to swim in the ocean will never come.

And then we´re doing a decision, but is it a good one? One never knows… the only truth is that without trying we will never find out. Maybe there is little time and we want it all now, but somehow there is still enough time to do everything, and if it is necessary – to conquer 2 or 3 rivers, lakes or why not oceans! 

We know that we have this power and the knowledge, the only important thing is to enter the water and keep swimming. Don´t think of the possibilities but keep thinking about your present; be happy and confident and just try to not get drown in that same water chosen by yourself.

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  1. I am sure by now you have been swimming in the cold waters. Hopefully we shall have ice soon!

    1. hahaha... I didn´t :) But i took all the courages and I am moving straight forward. Thank you for reading!


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