World Tourism Day 2013

Good Morning Everyone!

Today, September 27 is the WORLD TOURISM DAY!  So the UNWTO organized a type of “interactive brochure” – the countries/cities can write to the organization how they are going to celebrate this day, and the UNWTO will post it. I think it is a wonderful way of sharing globally the activities and ideas that one can do during the Tourism Day. So I found it really interesting to see who and how is going to celebrate this day, and I am going to share with you my opinion. Let´s take a look:


Believe it or not (I personally pronounced WAW!), Spain submitted 4 activities all over the territory. I am really proud that they are so active, even if the “activities” are actually promotion of their products.

Peñíscola – Is inviting everyone to its 4* Hotel, the Spa is going to be 2x1 J Well… I guess they haven´t really understood the idea of this event.

El Campelló – They took it really serious and prepared different kind of tours for tourists and locals, the theme is going to be “Be a tourist in your town”. And they are going to visit different environments of the region.  You can read more Here

Also, Madrid, Galicia and Canarias Islands prepared some really interesting activities for this day.  Good Job Spain!


Other responsible European countries are: Bulgaria, Croatia, Sweden and Austria. Sweden thought to celebrate this day by organizing a FREE FISHING ADVENTURE.  My daddy would really enjoy that. J

As you can see the Central America is also very active today, South-East Africa and South Asia. It is really great to see people interested in Sustainable Tourism (This is more or less the Main Topic for this year´s Celebration) and as I could see lots of countries are going to hold seminars/lectures on the water theme, the importance of water, water and tourism etc.

It´s a pity I haven´t planned to celebrate today the Tourism Day, I have some other plans, but If I would have to organize something for this day, I would definitely do exactly like Campelló – I would offer free visits to some important places of the region, including some lectures/speeches/activities with and about water. What can be better in tourism than the action of “discovering” and participating?