Friday Buffet. Turkish Restaurant

From the serie FRIDAY BUFFET, this Friday I am going to present you another restaurant that we visited and tried there buffet. 

Halikarnas, Turkish Restaurant

The place: At first I thought that the place is really small, and will be uncomfortable as we were a group of 10. Ten noisy and hungry students. But it resulted to be really spacious, with a nice ambience and also very clean (and here I mean the bathrooms, they even have carpets on the floor, and a big mirror outside the men´s/ladies rooms). 

The Food: I don´t really know from where should I start, from the variety or from the quality. The variety of dishes didn´t impress me, I think every buffet should have that amount of food that they had. But of course comparing to the previous buffet (asian) there were more variety and lots of meat! 
The dishes - all the dishes were pretty good; I am not aquinted with the Turkish gastronomy so I don´t really know if they offer standard turkish meals or not. In general I ate 2 full plates accompanied with this special turkish bread (that was delicious). What I liked the most: the KEBAB part, and what I did´t like was that there weren´t at least one per person turkish dessert (BAKLAVA)!

In general - all of us remained satisfied, and the PRICE of 9 euros (includes water, dishes, tea or coffee and a biscuit) we think it is a very good price regarding the amount-quality factor. I didn´t check the prices of the restaurant (when it´s not a BUFFET TIME), next time I´ll take that into consideration.

The style of the restaurant is very simple and with some turkish elements.
The staff - very friendly, at first they got a little bit scared when such a big group of people came in.

We also could take as a present one of those turkish souvenirs.