Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre

Helsinki Messukeskus or Exhibition and Convention Centre 

During the second week of our stay in Helsinki, our friend Maria (from Panamá City) took us on a tour to this exhibition center. It was a great experience, as we had to interview some of the exhibitors, see how the things are done and organized and in general to see how the businesses are promoting themselves at this kind of events.

For me it was a new experience because I never attended such a big exhibition.

First we had to register.

Than we interviewed some of the exhibitors that attracted our attention, basically we were choosing them because of their stands - if the stand were attractive from our point of view we approached. We were also looking for FREE stuff, sounds hursh - but true. :)

This was the stand I liked the most. I am sure they had payed a lot of money for all that space they used, but I guess it was worth it, as there were a lot of people interested in what kind of services they provided.As a first impression, they have done it really well. (The above and the below pictures)

From my point of view, the design of the STAND at an exhibition is the most important detail that a business should think of. The stand is the first impression that a customer has, and the second is the clothing of the employees. The clothing was the detail that at this exhibition was less taken in consideration (I think because of the type of the event).

At the end we got a cup of coffee and just shared the impressions. It was a nice experience, and we are going to be back there soon.

The Exhibition:
The theme of the exhibition was Graphic industry and print communications  and Packaging and materials handling
Even if it wasn´t our topic of interest, each event of this kind brings something new, something we can learn from and something we can apply in our future. 

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  1. excellent work! I am your lecturer Ulla-Maija Rouhiainen from October, but I did not have the chance to view your work earlier. This blog works as good reference for you I am sure.

    1. Hello Ulla-Maija! Thank you for remembering me! It is so great you could enter and read a little bit from my Blog. I am trying to do my best (well, when I have time :) )


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