Laurea University "Exhibition"

On the 18th of September, Laurea University of Applied Sciences (the university where I do my Erasmus year) organised a type of exhibition in order to increase the awarness among people about its studies/programs/activities - well in one word I would tell TO PROMOTE themselves.

There were present several sponsors of Laurea, which I think worked well for the both parts. If someone weren´t interested in Laurea Information and Services, they could see what the sponsors offer, making at the same time the illusion of more visitors. As we know - people attract people.

There were some games/competitions. My friends participated, I were the photographer.

 I felt really bad for all of the LAUREA staff that organised really well this exhibition and because of the weather from my point of view It didn´t went so well and didn´t get the desired result. It was continuously  raining, and the only thing that people wanted were to get home and to drink a cup of tea or coffe, and of course to get dry. TEA or COFFEE - I think it could have been a perfect way of attracting people, by proposing them a cup of something hot, and meanwhile increase there awarness of the good services and proactive skills that Laurea has. 
Now as I think, maybe there were that kind of service, it just happens that the guys weren´t really interested in offering it, like for example I had to go and ask everyone from the stands If i can take this or that ... and I kind of felt embarassed. When someone propose you that things, it gives you more confidence in walking further and see more things and discover more information that the stands offer.

This game below just showed me how little luck I have. I tried it TWICE(!) and both times I got on the blue side, which means I get nothing. And I wanted so much a Laurea Scarf :)

Basically, it was all. Anyway they have done it really well and I hope they achieved their purposes, because it is a fantastic University, with wonderful teachers, subjects, innovative methods of teaching and studying  and last but not least modern buildings for campuses, comfortable classrooms and an excelent student services.