Student Profile Nr.2 : Teresa

 Why Finland?

Because I think it was the best destination to learn English that my university offered, and  I also wanted to live in a country that will have a different culture, different rhythm of life, different everything. 

        How was your first month?

It was very different at the beginning of the month and at the end of it. At the beginning everything was new, I felt lost and I wasn’t sure what I was feeling. Than when I started to meet people, to use more the public transport, to discover the city and its amazing places… I began falling in love with Finland.

     What is  the best about being Erasmus Student in Finland?

They have a very good program for exchange students, they make your stay really easy. And the best thing is that there are a lot of students from many different countries, so we can meet each other and discover each others cultures.

       How are you going to survive the first month of winter?

I’m pretty scared about the weather, but I think that the best way to survive is to try to enjoy the snow and to do things that you cann’t do when you live in warm countries like sled (trineo), snow fights and go to sauna. I am also looking forward to go to Lapland! Yay... :)

       What is the most difficult about Erasmus in Finland?

For me it’s to be responsible to attend the lessons and to do my assignments, because we have just 3 days of classes, so even if there is plenty of time it results very hard to concentrate.

       Will this experience help you in the future?

Yes, of course. I learn and practice a lot of English, which I probably can’t do in Spain. I meet a lot of people, learn about a new culture that will help me to become more openminded.

       What other destinations would you like to choose?

Netherlands or maybe Riga (Latvia) because I have friends who went there and they told me that it was a really good experience, and it was cheaper than in Finland.

       Would you like to return to Finland someday?
Yes! I hope I will be able to do it someday, because my stay in Finland is gratifying, and I am so happy here.

       Is your home University as good as Laurea University?
Nooo… it’s so different. I think in Laurea they help more the students, and in my university it never happens. From another point of view the level of the education is lower than in my University, here they do more practice and in Spain is more theoretical. Even though, I think it depends on what kind of education you are looking for, and what works better for you.

1   Is there something more that I should have been asked you?

If I recommend this destination to other students. The answer will be YES! From my university I am the first exchange student that travelled to Finland in the last 6 years. Don´t be afraid guys, it´s fantastic!


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