Tallinn Visit. Part 1.

Yesterday we planned a fantastic 5 hours excursion to Tallinn (5h the trip + 3 h visit the city + 1 shopping)
The time of the journey (one way) is 2,5 h on a HUGE and Comfortable Ferry from Viking Line. I am 22 years old and it was for the first time that I travelled by ferry :)

In general - a very pleasant trip, but I felt a little bit dizzy on the board, actually at the way back I didn´t feel that way because I was too tired to feel anything else than a big desire to get to my bed and sleep!

The photographs that I uploaded in this post are more like "Take me a photo here, and there and everywhere" :) Believe me, Tallinn is much more prettier, and I am going to demostrate it in a later post. I have done 180 pictures in 4 hours.

A photoshooting on the bord - OF COURSE!

 TALLINN is a small city that you can visit in a short period of time. We didn´t have time to enter museums for example, but we had enought time to see the whole OLD PART of this beautiful city.

The only place we visited (quickly) was an exhibition with the UNIVERSE THEME.

Tallinn - the number one destination for all the Erasmus Students from Helsinki. It is near, it has a good reputation as a BEAUTIFUL and "exotic" city. It is also known for its low prices on alchool, cigarettes, clothes, eyesglasses etc. The ferry was FULL of people travelling to Tallin with BIG EMPTY luggage bags ... well I think you can guess why :)

It is also true that on the ferry were a lot of older people that occupied all the best places, and even the tables that are supposed to be for larger groups (like ours). 

I also bought several things :) and I am not going to show what.

This is all for now, hope you´ll be back to read the next post on the Real Tallin.