Visiting Helsinki Amusement Park

Hello Everyone! Here is another post that took me some time to upload. If you ask me what is my criteria to upload information on my blog - I wouldn´t know what to answer, but I still have so many posts that are waiting to see the "day light of internet" :)

In the middle of september, Andrea and I went on a walk at the Amusement Park of Helsinki called Linnanmäki. Our objective were to see "What is this thing that we see EVERY single day when travelling by train?" And we found out...

From our point of view it is a normal (not something really special) amusement park and with a big amount of rides for all ages. Now that I think, from my point of view it would be a perfect place to spend a day with your family. For young people (a company of friends 18 - 30), it may result a little bit boring and too childish. Even though there are really scarry rides (like the one above, at least for me ), it is a park for younger people, or as I told for a family day out! 

It was also very interesting to observe how important are the SMALL DETAILS in this park. I think this was what I liked the most. I was walking and thinking "what other decoration have they invented". When you hear "Small details count" - this is about Helsinki Amusement Park. You can see a couple of them in the pictures below.

Besides rides, restaurants and shops you can find here other interactive places that will keep you somehow busy and fascinated.

All in all, I liked the experience of walking through the park, but I won´t spend money on the rides as I don´t see them that attractive for me. If I had children - it would be the number one place to come with them. 

It is also true that we went there at approx. 1 p.m, a lot of shops and restaurants were closed at that time and I think that in the night light there would be more fascinating.  

You can check another Park of Amusement that I visited (in Alicante, Spain), that from my point of view  is more for teenagers and young adults -> Terra Mitica