Discovering Wild Life in Helsinki

I`ve been living in Helsinki for more than 2 months now, but there are still so many places to visit. We have seen  the islands of Helsinki area, its green parks and never ending lakes, some entertainment places and in general the day to day spots. But we, or better said personal me, haven't entered any of the museums. Maybe I  cannot consider myself a very culture oriented person but visiting museums never hurts, does it?

That is why last week we decided to visit the Finnish Museum of Natural History. We had 2 very important motives to choose this one and not any other: firstly, because it is placed just in the center of Helsinki (or not far from it) and secondly because the first Thursday of each month the entrance is free for everyone.

It was amazing! There were so many things to see, to hear and even some of them to touch. I was surprised to see so many children, teenagers, adults and elder people, all together admiring the nature within the museum walls.

Later home I asked myself which part I liked the most, and to be honest, I  have no idea! Everything seemed really new to me: not every day you get to see all kind of skeletons and stuffed animals that look so real! 

Walking through museum halls we felt like little children, exclaiming each time "Ohh" and "Ahh"!  But what I didn't expect to see was the photographs exhibition. It is unbelievable how one can capture such spectacular "wild life" moments with his own camera! Let the picture speak for themselves.

Sometimes I exagerate a little bit, but 187 pictures in less than 2 hours - is true. At the end I just got tired of making so many pictures and I got scared thinking that my camera will burn or something. This Museum is a place that can be visited with your whole family, it is suitable for people of all ages and still it will be enjoyable by everyone. 

Don´t trust me, just go and see it yourself!