Our Stockholm Portraits


In the last post I mentioned that having an enormous amount of pictures after visiting a city means nothing else but a sequel of posts about it. 

Today I bring to the attention of everyone our "portraits" from Stockholm, Sweden. Most of them are funny and I would call them the "backstage pictures".

I doubted If I should put this picture or not - but then I thought that I can explain everything :)
 When Claudia threw some food to some ducks in just 4 seconds came 3 seagulls and started fighting for it. I was excited to see this surviving lesson, just look one more time at my face! :D

Look at the happy FisherFamily!!! :D

Two sec break)

This is it! I hope you enjoyed my photoalbum, and remember: 

There is nothing better then Travelling! 
Maybe just Travelling in a good company!