Study Trip to Tallinn. How it was.

First of all, the POSING process. Andrea (my friend, and the first on the picture below) is teaching everyone the word "POSTUREO "  - which in spanish means POSING. It was the first thing we did when we entered the boat, a huge amount of pictures of the beautiful nature, small islands, the city view from the sea ... 

The part about our accomodation in the Nordin Hotel Forum you can find in the previous post, or by clicking HERE.

Then we had a meeting with marketing manager of Tallinn City Tourist Office Mall Oja, we found out a lot of useful information about Tallinn and its marketing, how this city is promoted and what are the results. It was really interesting, as in the future some of us are going to work exactly in the same department.

We also found some time for shopping. I didn´t want to buy anything actually, but the prices in Tallinn are really low so I couldn´t resist and got myself some presents.

Later we made a "Pub Crowl" in the Old Tallinn. And it was awesome, as in Helsinki we cannot afford this kind of tourism so we used our situation to the fullest . Good food, nice places, great company and low budget! :) Perfect combination.

The next day we visited the tallest tower in TALLINN: TELETOWER which is 314 m. All the pictures that are below were made in this building. The entrance cost is 4 euros, but it was worth it. Take a look:

This was all about our schedule during the Study Trip . Later we had some 4-5 h of free time, and we spent it walking across the old town one more time. During this time I found what is the TREND in TALLINN´s Restaurants and Bars, and I am going to share with you my findings in tomorrow´s post.