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Trip Advisor is one of the sites which I can navigate hours and hours searching for nothing special but at the same time finding so many interesting information. Information you basically find in TripAdvisor are opinions, stories, experiences and statistics. I love statistics. 

This year Trip Advisor came with several TOPs of Traveler´s Choice: Hotels, All-inclusive resorts, Hotels for romance, Hotels for families, Destinations, Beaches, Islands, Attractions and Restaurants. You can find a WORLD TOP and also TOPs by continents or even countries.  

I checked most of them, as I said I am a big fan of TOPs. The one that I would like to post on my blog is about the World Destinations that people voted. Out of 25 destination which TripAdvisor presents, I am going to write about the first 5.


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European city is the number one in this Top. I weren´t surprised by that, maybe I just thought "HOW" , how is it possible to maintain this high position year after year. Sometimes I think that half of the world already visited at least once Paris (me not included, but soon, very soon). 


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The second in the Top is New York and it is the first in the Top of United States Destinations, of course. Never been... but someday, somehow I will definetely get there.


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Next big destination is LONDON. Past weeks I were about to book a flight to London at World Travel Market event in London, but postponed it to the next year :)  Enought travelling for now... I´m in Helsinki, so I have to behave :)


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Yesssss! At least one destination that I can say I visited, and I liked it a lot! Of course I did! Here are the posts about how it was. Click:


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   My dream city! I already promissed myself that the first trip I am going to make when I come back to Spain, is to BARCELONA. Even though Valencia is not far from Barcelona, I never could just book a train ticket and go. Lessons, work, work, lessons... 

Well, this is the TOP 5 that Traveler´s have chosen in TripAdvisor, If you want to see more click HERE . It is really inspiring to live on the continent were the 4 out of 5 cities are the best rated and are the number one distination among travellers. If you want to look through other tops enter HERE.

Let your Life Trip Begin!


  1. Wow! Really beautiful. Would love to travel more. Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC? Please let me know if you're interested.

    Louisa Moje


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