Fazer Cafe and Choco Paradise

During the last Month I visited Karl Fazer Shop - Café several times. Before arriving to Helsinki I never heard  about this well-known chocolate factory. Now I can be considered one of the company´s fans, even though there is nothing better than Moldovans chocolate factory "Bucuria", for those who haven´t tried it yet, I recommend. 

Karl Fazer Shop - Café is situated in the center of Helsinki, it can be easily found by tourists and easily reached by locals. You can just buy their products like in a normal shop, you can see that all the chocolates and sweets are very nice presented and may be a perfect gift for friends and relatives. And it it also a café, where you can have your breakfast, brunch, dinner...

The prices: It is expensive. For me or not for me, it is expensive. I stayed there with my girlfriends and each of us had a cup of Chocolate Tea, which costs 3.10 euros per cup. My boyfriend asked: "Don´t you have tea at home?" :D:D he is right, we have. But it is a nice place known all over Helsinki, it is visited by a big amount of citizens and tourists, so we just tried. 

Service: Nothing special, really. I tipical finnish service, even though the waitress was always smiling while cleaning the tables. A star for her!

I also looked on TripAdvisor, just to see what people think about this café, somehow I knew it is a Must Visit place. What TripAdvisor says?
Ranked #25 of 855 restaurants in Helsinki
 Certificate of Excellence 2013

It is on the 25th place out of other 855 Helsinki restaurants that are registered on TripAdvisor. This number seems impressive. In total there are 264 reviews about  Karl Fazer Café, in comparison with those that are ranked in the Top 30, it has the biggest number of reviews (in average the restaurants have 60-150 reviews each). Even if its on the 25th place I would say it is the most popular among them all!

I don´t know If I am going to come back there for a tea, maybe just for a small piece of cake (around 7 euros). The desserts looked really delicious, but for now - expensive, too expensive. 

This year my motto is more current than ever "Just The Required, and a Little Bit More"

P.S: I am very sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. I took them with my camera, but it didn´t result as expected.