Spending Quality Time With My Family

Hi Guys! How are you all? Hope you are all feeling as great as I do, even though I am tired, sleepy and 2 kilos more.
We spent the last weekend with my family, I call it "quality time" as we have planned it from A to Z. We are trying to stay with them as much as we can, who loves us more and who misses us more than they do? 

Viorel is feeling strange because they treat us like some 12 years old children, and of course he is not used to it. Me - I am just feeling right. :) How much I missed being spoiled. And it is going to end in 7-6 days...

Pity there aren't that many entertainment places in Moldova were to spend time with your friends and family - but this thought deserves an entire post on my blog! Keep up-dated.

This is all for now, my friends! 

I wish you a Merry Christmas, spend time with the people you love the most, with the people that love you back and be blessed! 

Warm Kisses from the Heart of Moldova!